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Free UK delivery on all orders over £100 + vat
The prices on this site are DISCOUNTED 
     to attract web sales and are not available
     in our shops.


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We only charge the postage that we get charged and make NO charge for the packaging. You have 2 options for postage.
Option 1 courier 1-2 WORKING days
FROM £10.11 depending on where in Gt Britain you are.
Option 2 First class post. When you go through the checkout if you select the option post as cheap as possible you will be
INITIALLY charged £10.11. We will weigh the item and see if it is small and light enough to go by First class post and if not we will send it by 1-2 day courier. Hence the initial charge of £10.11. We will always try to send it by the means you request. If we send it by first class post we will then refund the difference between the £10.11 and cost of First class post back to your card. 
Overseas customers please e mail us so we can find the cheapest and best way to send your parts.
If you have any problems or queries please feel free to contact us by e mail or by phone 01245-362377 we are always happy to help.